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Lime Juice

From our fields to your glass

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We only hand pick

the best.

In Fusion Distribution, all of our base ingredients are selected by a team of professionals that know how to make the most

out of them.


Every drop of flavor is cultivated with love and distributed

to local businesses, after the product is packed and ready.


Whether you are a small or big business, we can deliver you with the right volume you'll need to make a profit.

About Us
Our Fields

Family Tradition.

Acres of gorgeous soil have been taken care of every day to keep providing us with our precious base ingredients, as well as a marvelous view as we go through them.


Located in our homeland of Mexico, our products always carry our essence and are now reaching multiple locations both nationwide and abroad.


We are Organic, and 100% Mexican.

Our Fields

How to get it

Do you want to give your customers a healthy option to hydrate? Let’s get in touch! We’ll guide you through the process

Thank you!

How to get it

(915) 472 - 2030


155 Mcutcheon, El Paso, Tx 79932

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